Descripción de actividades realizadas:

    The objective of this consultancy is to conduct research to generate empirical evidence on the existence and magnitude of the costs of gender gaps in STI activities for LAC. The sources of these gaps have been addressed to some degree in the literature, but the effect that they are having on economic outcomes is still an under-researched field. Therefore the research conducted by the contractual should contribute to close the knowledge gaps regarding the economic costs that Latin American countries are facing due to gender gaps in science, technology and innovation activities.

    The main responsibilities of the contractual are to:
    a. Implement the research plan contained in the proposal»The impact of gender-neutral incentives for researchers on the STI productivity gap. Evidence from Paraguay» submitted to the Call for Proposals»Research on Science, Technology and Innovation Gender Gaps and their Economic Costs in Latin America and the Caribbean» launched by the IDB on December 15th 2015.
    b. Participate and present a first draft (Product 1) of the research paper in the Gender Summit 8 (GS8) North America to be held in Mexico on April 28th and 29th of 2016.
    c. Participate in an internal technical workshop where the IDB Team and external advisors will provide technical comments to the contractual. The technical workshop is expected to be organized the last week of April in Mexico, concurrently with the Gender Summit. The contractual is also expected to comment the work of other researchers participating from this project (the IDB Team will assign the papers to be commented with due notice).
    D. Collect comments obtained during the GS8, as well as any other comments resulting from the IDB, and include them in the final version of the paper (Report 2).
    E. Participate in a final workshop to be held in July 2016 in location to be defined Diego Aboal Maren Vairo

  • Año: 2016
  • Palabras clave: Ciencia y tecnologìa e Innovación en America Latina
  • Autores: Diego Aboal | Maren Vairo | Federico Veneri