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    This article evaluates the impact of the Paraguayan incentives program for researchers (PRONII) on the gender scientific productivity gap, using data from electronic Curriculum Vitaes provided by all applicants to the program and from bibliographic electronic databases. We first quantify the size of the gender scientific productivity gap previous to the program. Then, we estimate whether PRONII’s selection process is gender-biased. Finally, we evaluate the gender differential impact of the program. The results show a pre-existent gender productivity gap among PRONII researchers. However, we find no evidence of discrimination against female researchers at the selection stage of the program. Finally, the results show that the impact of the program is heterogeneous across genders. Diego Aboal Maren Vairo

  • Año: 2017
  • Palabras clave: evaluación de impacto , Paraguay , políticas de género , productividad
  • Autores: Diego Aboal | Maren Vairo
  • Publicaciones: Science and Public Policy, Volume 45, Issue 4, August 2018, Pages 515–532