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    This paper analyzes the impact of a cluster tourism policy in the region of Colonia, Uruguay. The policy was implemented as part of an IDB-supported program. The study conducted a comparative analysis of Colonia vs. other tourism regions of the country applying a synthetic control method. This method of identifying the counterfactual is especially useful in comparative case studies where there are a limited number of control units. This is the first time that the synthetic control method has been applied to a cluster policy. The estimations show a positive impact of the cluster program on the inflow of international tourists to Colonia of 30 percent in the period 2008–2015; however, no significant impact on total expenditure was found.  Diego Aboal Marcelo Perera

  • Año: 2017
  • Palabras clave: evaluación de impacto , programas de desarrollo
  • Autores: Diego Aboal | Marcelo Perera | Gustavo Crespi
  • Publicaciones: BID